At the point when a great many people hear the word pasta, the principal thing they consider is Italian food, with flavorful red sauces and maybe rich cheeses. However pasta came from Italy and the Mediterranean, in actuality everything revolves around the noodle. The word pasta alludes to semolina batter and how it is carried out, cut, squeezed and formed. It comes in tubes, strings, twistings, and shells – which can all be utilized various ways.

While a portion of my #1 pasta dishes are Italian, I need to say my outright most loved pasta isn’t. It’s Macaroni and Cheddar. This dish utilizes round cylindrical macaroni pasta noodles, and as the name recommends, is shrouded in a smooth cheddar sauce. My mom made it without any preparation, utilizing cheddar, milk, and garlic for the sauce, then baking the entire thing in the broiler with a hull of sharp cheddar over the top. Certainly, it’s not your thought process of with regards to pasta, however it’s my #1 utilization of the pasta noodle, since can we just be real – everything is better with cheddar!

After that I would agree that that lasagna is my outright most loved Italian pasta dish. Made with layers of delicate, level pasta sheets, and any mix of cheeses, meats, flavors and sauces, it must be one of the most adaptable pasta dishes made. It can have ricotta and Italian wiener inside with a customary red pureed tomatoes and liquefied mozzarella cheddar on top. Or on the other hand maybe you’re in the state of mind for something creamier? What about a white garlic Alfredo sauce with mushrooms, spinach, and chicken inside? The potential outcomes are huge, and obviously, it has cheddar so you know I’m a fan!

Which helps me to remember another of my number one pasta dishes. Stuffed shells. These huge shell molded bits of pasta are extraordinarily flavorful when bubbled then loaded down with a ricotta, mozzarella, spinach, and garlic blend. I like to put them in a glass baking dish and cover them with a lively red pureed tomatoes and let the flavors all cook in together. These don’t require cheddar on top-they are so loaded down with the gooey goodness that they are amazing right out of the broiler.