Natural wine is all the rage these days, and for good reason. If you’ve never heard of them before, natural wines are made in the same way that traditional wines have been since time immemorial – without the use of any additives or processes that would change the flavour, aroma, or composition of the finished product from that which occurs naturally during fermentation and aging. If you’ve ever wondered why natural wines such big news is, here are 10 reasons why you should drink natural wine this Christmas.

1) What Is Natural Wine?

Natural wines are made with grapes that have not been treated with sulphites before, during, or after fermentation. Many of them are also vegan and organic, which means they’re gluten-free and all natural.

2) It Pairs Well with Food

Wine and food go together like bread and butter. But when you’re not sure what you should be pairing your wine with, it can feel like a daunting task to choose the right one. Luckily, natural wines pair amazingly with different kinds of food!

3) There Are No Hangovers

There are three main ingredients in wine: alcohol, water, and sugar. The more of each of these ingredients there is in the wine, the higher the percentage by volume (ABV) will be. Unfortunately, this also means that wines with higher ABV can cause hangovers for some people. Thankfully, many natural wines have low to no added sugar and therefore have lower ABV levels.

4) Natural Wine Is Lower In Sulphites

Sulphites are a common allergen that is often added to wine as a preservative. The higher the sulphite levels, the more likely you are to have an allergic reaction to it. Not only do natural wines have less sulphites, but they also have been shown to be better for your health! Drinking natural wine has been shown to reduce blood pressure and lower LDL cholesterol (the bad type of cholesterol). Drinking organic or biodynamic wines has even been shown to help prevent cancer!

5) You’re Supporting Small Farmers

By drinking natural wine this Christmas, you are supporting small farmers and helping them stay in business. Small farms are the backbone of our economy and when they fail, we all suffer. When we spend our money at the grocery store or restaurant, that money goes to large corporations who don’t care about quality or sustainability. But when we buy from a small farmer or vineyard, that money directly supports the local economy and ensures that there will be food on our tables for years to come.

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6) The Taste is Complex

Natural wines are, in many ways, the opposite of what you might expect from a wine labelled natural. They’re not only characterized by their complexity, but also by the sheer number of wines that fall into this category. The taste is complex and can be difficult for the uninitiated to get used to; it’s because of this that many people think natural wines are off-putting or simply don’t like them.

7) There are No Added Chemicals

Many people drink wine because they enjoy the taste, but in order to maintain the freshness and get the most out of your glass of wine, you should go natural. Natural wines are made with less chemical additives than other wines. This means that they taste better and will last longer when stored properly. Plus, there is no added sulphites or preservatives in natural wines which makes them healthier for you!

8) The Carbon Footprint Is Lower

We know that you want to do your part in reducing the effects of climate change this holiday season. That’s why we’re drinking natural wine this Christmas! With a lower carbon footprint, consumption of natural wine can have a dramatic effect on the environment. And because it takes less energy to produce natural wine, it will also reduce our country’s dependence on fossil fuels and help us be more sustainable.

9) There Is Less Chance Of Getting A Headache

Red wine is usually a staple at the Christmas dinner table. But, with new research showing that red wine may not be as healthy for you as we once thought, what can you do to still enjoy your favourite tipple this festive season? The answer is to swap out red wine for natural wine. In recent years, natural wines have grown in popularity since they are sourced from organic grapes and their production process doesn’t involve additional chemicals or additives like sulphur dioxide.

10) You’re Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

Wine is one of the most powerful agricultural products in the world. It has been a staple for centuries and it has the potential to be one of the most sustainable agricultural products out there. The natural wine movement is fighting this by advocating for the use of minimal intervention in winemaking and farming practices that are ecologically sound. We have a responsibility to future generations to continue this trend, so let’s drink natural wine this holiday season!